Remnant Packs & Rolls

Our Fabric Remnant Packs, Bundles & Full Rolls offer great value for money and choice - with massive reductions on RRP price. These packs can include different textures, weights, blends, fibres, and types, plain and patterned fabric.

Look out for great bargains on some of the highest quality fabric - take advantage of this great offer on Fabric and you can start sewing at a small cost.


  • Purchasing fabrics by remnant or roll is a
    great way of saving money

  • You can save up to 40%

  • We often come across these
    fabrics in clearance parcels and
    stock lots

  • Once they're gone, they're gone!

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Latest reviews for Remnant Packs & Rolls


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Fashion Print Jersey Fabric Pack 10 pieces approx 50 to 150cm

Excellent. Highly Recommended

This is an excellent bundle. Lots of variety and colours. My daughter, granddaughter and grandson always enjoy the lucky dip parcels aruving. This one had something for each of us. I will enjoy making these pieces into garments.

Lucky Dip House Fabric Bargain Bags Assorted Approx 10 Metres

On The Whole...

A bit too much filler of net curtains and curtain lining which has limited use and can be bought separately in a bundle. I don’t usually view this as fabric. Some lovely pieces in between but also some staple damaged pieces which look like they’ve been display mounted. On the whole I can find uses for them.

Lucky Dip Dressmaking Fabric Bargain Bag Assorted Approx 20 Metres

Excellent. Highly Recomended

Excellent value. Quick delivery and on time

Leather Pieces Bargain Bag

Dearer In Shop

This is a good selection but bought mine in an Abakhan branch where they charge £2.50 for same thing. They recently increased the price from £2.24 which is over 10% increase. Similarly other remnant bags increased from £1.00 to £1.50, 50% increase. Still a bargain but huge % increases and why is the leather bag dearer than the Web price?

Lucky Dip Dressmaking Fabric Bargain Bag Assorted Approx 20 Metres

Great Buy,also After Looking Around This Price Was Much Cheaper!

The 2 bags i received were very good,they were also at least a metre long,every piece was usable,i am very pleased with purchase.,and the items were delivered very fast.