Creating something at home can be a real challenge, but for a lot of people, making your own clothing and upholstery can be a real source of enjoyment and relaxation. Getting your knitting needles out and making a loved one a new winter scarf, or designing your own curtains, there are so many different things you can do. But are you using the right fabric in your creations, and are you getting the right amount? After all, you don’t want to go through all that effort only to find that you’ve used the wrong material or that you’re half a foot short.

Just like when you bake a cake, you want to ensure you have all the ingredients before you start, otherwise you get halfway through and realise you’re missing a key part – disaster. At Abakhan we specialise in providing everything you need to make whatever it is you’ve set your heart on creating, then it’s down to you to get the right amount and the correct materials. Choosing the right, or wrong fabric can make or break your creation, so taking your time over your choice and doing your research will really pay dividends.

Taking curtains as an example, it makes sense to measure the area where you plan to hang them, both horizontally and vertically, to make sure that you know exactly how far down the wall they’re likely to hang, and whether or not the amount you choose is going to cover the whole window.

Once you’ve established how much you need to make your new curtains, you need to decide on the material you’re going to use. With so many options out there, from linen to velvet and cotton to satin, sometimes you just never know what to use until you’ve got it wrong once or twice. However, when you get it right, the final result can be fantastic, and creating your own can save you huge sums of money that you would have spent in a store.

Finding a way of coordinating the colour of your new curtains with the room you’re putting them up in will give the room a vibrant and stylish feel, leading visitors thinking you’ve had a professional interior designer round!

To get the fabric you need for your next creation, look no further than Abakhan. With various sizes, colours and materials in stock, you’re sure to find everything you need either in one of our stores or online. To find out more, click here to find the contact details for your nearest store.