When it comes to Valentines Day, choosing the right gift can be particularly tricky. You need to show your partner how you feel about them – without spending less than they do on you – and also reflecting how they feel about you. For instance, if you turn up with a bouquet of garage forecourt flowers, and they buy you an expensive, personalised watch, you could find yourself single by the 15th February. For that reason, we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you make your Valentines gift at home.

Creating something from scratch allows you to put your heart and soul into the gift, with the recipient immediately aware of the effort you’ve gone to in order to make them the perfect present.

Going shopping for the perfect gift can be a chaotic process. You finally find yourself a couple of hours to hit the high street, (normally the day before), and after what seems like a week of window-shopping, you’re still uninspired. Unless you’re born with that unique trait of knowing exactly what to get your loved one, (please share it with me), making your own can be the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, you can show your loved one how you feel by making them something unique that you’ve poured your heart into, and there are several other advantages to making your gift. For instance, nobody knows your partner like you do. If you pop to the shops for a gift, it’s inevitable for the item you want to be unavailable in their favourite colour or size. By creating your own gift, you have the opportunity to make it according to the tastes of your partner, making it extra special for them.

It can also be a way of saving money, without it looking particularly inexpensive. Using materials bought from the Abakhan store, you can get everything you need for the perfect gift, such as wool, card, sewing patterns and accessories, without having to pay the over-the-top high street prices.

Still struggling for ideas? Well don’t tell your partner, but here’s a couple from us. Firstly, you could try making them some jewellery. If you’ve made it yourself, it’s certain to be unique, using the materials and colours they love, and you could customize it if you wish to let them know it’s from you, or include your Valentines message. Another option is to make them something for the home. If your partner is always talking about their love for throws or cushions in the living room, make them one to fit the décor of your home. Or if your partner loves to cook, you could make them something for the kitchen; They’ll need something to wear as they make the dinner! (Only joking!)

For all your essential accessories to make the perfect Valentines gift, including those mentioned here and anything you may already have in mind, visit or contact your local Abakhan store, or place an order online.