After an article appeared in the Oxford Mail before Christmas, the John Radcliffe Hospital’s special care baby unit has been inundated with volunteers offering to knit special clothes for premature babies. Women at the Wantage Day Care centre began knitting the clothes for the tiny children back in 2007, and what started out as a few blankets, hats and booties has grown and grown, with regular deliveries of clothing now arriving at the centre.

Knitting is something that a lot of people enjoy doing as a hobby, opting for the enjoyment and challenging nature associated with the pastime, anxiously waiting to finish so they can marvel at what they’ve spent, in some cases, weeks or months creating.

When it comes to a new born baby, you can almost guarantee that the parents will be inundated with gifts including various items of clothing – with many knitted by the friend or family member – but the problem with premature babies is that they are often much smaller, so the baby clothes available in stores are simply too big for the child. This project has helped the parents find a solution to their clothing issues, and the coordinator of the project, Margaret Fell, has admitted that she has been “overwhelmed” by the support and donations they have received.

She told the Oxford Mail that “Mums often come to the unit underprepared, but these kind people have helped to clothe many children, and shown extraordinary skill in doing so.”

Many of the volunteers saw the article in the newspaper and rushed to help the unit out with their project. Knitting, after all, is a hobby that can be very fulfilling, but it isn’t restricted to making things just for yourself at winter or whenever your child needs a new wooly hat.

As all knitters will know, you get a real thrill out of completing a project and seeing the face of the recipient when you hand it over to them. The love and effort involved in creating a unique garment almost adds an extra layer of warmth to it, and by helping out premature children and their parents, you’ll be able to feel as though what you’ve done has really made a difference to someone’s life.

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