One of the most in-demand materials on planet earth, fabric has been used for a number of different purposes over years. Obviously, clothing and drapes are two popular uses, as are curtains and sofas, but many people are unaware as to where it actually comes from. Well, courtesy of an exhibit in London, they’re about to get a bit of a shock!

A cape created from golden silk spun by more than a million spiders is going on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in the capital. The hand-woven garment and its partner, a four-metre long piece of brocaded fabric, took more than four years to create and involved around 1.2 million female Madagascan Golden Orb spiders.

Madagascar-based Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley made the cape, and they are the only large textiles to have been made from spider silk. The last known spider silk textile was made for a Parisian exhibit in 1900, but no examples are in existence today.

The spiders, which are not harmed in the creation of the pieces, are collected in the mornings and their silk harvested by trained handlers, before the eight-legged creatures are returned to the wild at the end of the day.

Peers said that he created the pieces, as he was “keen to show the spider silk textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum, being the most appropriate place to premiere this work in Europe. The unique and historic costume and textile collections have been a constant source of inspiration over the years, and as we know, the museum has never before shown anything made from spider silk, despite its diverse collection of art.”

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