If you’re always looking for great ways to save yourself money, then there’s no denying the value in creating your own curtains, costumes and the like. Abakhan’s range of fleece, fur and other knitting accessories will enable you to harness your creativity.

Print fleece tartan. If you’re of Scottish descent (or simply need a kilt for a costume!), then our printed tartan fleece material is ideal. Created using the finest materials and with a stylish, unique design, this superb fleece is a perfect excuse to get creating.

Leopard brown micro fleece. If there’s anything more fun than heading out onto town to an eighties club, we don’t know what it is! Our leopard print material is the ideal way to create a costume that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the Austin Powers films. Eye-grabbing and one-of-a-kind.

Plain Colours. Whilst the above patterns are great for individual needs, you’re not going to need leopard print regularly! Our range of plain colours make the ideal material for any need, whether you want to knock up a new bean-bag for your kids or simply want something warm to wear over the winter.

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