There can’t be many more interesting ways to spend an evening than by working on a dress that’s entirely your own creation. After all, that’s how all of the greatest fashion designers started! However, if you’ve never really tried out any dressmaking courses before, you might be unsure about how they can benefit you. Well, read on, and we’ll tell you!

It’ll mean you can share your creativity and become inspired. Whilst the technical side of dressmaking is without doubt important (it’s only a dream until it’s made!), it’s nothing without that spark of ingenuity that creates the design itself. Being around others with a passion for dressmaking will further ignite your passion for this unique skill.

It’ll teach you the technical skills you need. Alright, this is sort of a contradiction with the above, but we promise it makes sense! Just as technicality without inspiration can be unvaried, creativity without technicality can be rather messy! A good tutor will be able to help you improve your existing technique as well as learning new ones, making you a more confident dressmaker all round.

Finally, whilst it might not be a haberdashery reason as such, it’s a great way to meet people who have the same passion for fashion and creativity that you do. Dressmaking courses are taught by people who love what they do, and taught to people who love what they do. Get involved, and you won’t regret it.

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