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How To Knit Your Own Scarf

Scarves are a must-have accessory and look great at any time of year. In winter they act as an extra layer of warmth, while the thinner versions add style to an outfit in the summer. The only drawback is because they are so in-demand and feature prominently in the “latest style” sections of the glossy magazines, the prices can be quite high. To combat this, we’re going to tell you how to knit your own scarf for a fraction of the high street price.

To help you to make your own scarf, we’ve come up with a simple guide using products available in the Abakhan range, ensuring that your project remains both stylish and affordable.

What You Need:

1. Yarn – ideally two or three colours to make an elaborate scarf, or just the one colour if you prefer the toned-down style. Thicker yarn will make for a quicker process and give you more warmth, whereas a thinner yarn is ideal for the style-over-warmth option.

2. Knitting needles – choose the size that most suits your knitting style and hand size. Obviously you don’t want anything you can’t handle and manoeuvre easily otherwise it will complicate the process unnecessarily. Thicker needles will help to speed up the process in association with a thick yarn.

3. Yarn needle – enabling you to thread your yarn through

4. Scissors – to cut the yarn to length and chop off any irreparable mistakes

What To Do:

1. Cast on ten stitches using your first coloured yarn. Knit for twelve rows. At this point you can either change to a second colour or continue with the one you’re using depending on what style you prefer.

2. If you’re going for a second colour, cut the yarn at this point leaving a 6-inch end. If not, skip this step and continue knitting until you reach your desired length.

3. Add a second colour of yarn to the first and start knitting. Hold the first six inches of the new yarn and the end of the first and do about five stitches.

4. At this point you should weave the loose ends into the pattern with a tapestry needle. Knit twelve rows with the second yarn.

5. If you choose, add your third colour and repeat the process.

6. Continue to do so until your scarf reaches your desired length and cast off your stitches.

7. At this stage, you should be left with your brand new hand-made scarf! Go out and make a statement!

To find the materials used in the making of this scarf, visit the dedicated knitting section of the Abakhan website or call in to one of our stores. Should you have any questions about the products in our range, you can contact us by calling your local branch or 01745 562133, or leave us an online message and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.