Have the pillows in your home seen better days? Why not give them a new lease of life! It’s much easier than you think!

What you will need:




Dressmakers chalk



Sewing Machine (Although you can hand-sew if you wish)

How to:

First, you will need to measure the pillow you want to cover. Take this measurement and add a 3cm seam allowance to each side.

Lay your chosen fabric out and measure and mark out the size of fabric you require with dressmakers chalk. Do this for each side, and then cut out your fabric.

Place your two pieces of fabric on top of each other, with the patterned sides face to face and pin together leaving a 1.5cm gap from the edge of the fabric on all four sides.

When you have pinned the fabric together tack the two pieces together using large runs to make it easy to remove later.

Using your sewing machine sew three sides up, leaving one side open.

Remove your tacking thread and turn the pillow case right side out.

Push your pillow into the pillow case through the open side.

Fold in your seam allowance on the remaining open side and hand stich together and you have your quick and easy pillow case!

It’s so easy to improve your home with a few pillows strewn around. You can embellish your pillow cases with buttons, lace and so much more. You can also use a zip fastening or an overlapped opening to allow removal of the pillow insert.

Happy crafting!