The term ‘Tie Dye’ refers to the process of resist dyeing textiles using bright colours. When you resist dye something you actually prevent the dye from reaching all the cloth, thereby creating a pattern.

Tie Dyeing is accomplished by folding the material into a pattern and then tightly binding with string or rubber bands. Dye is then applied to the material – the ties prevent the dye reaching all parts of it. Applying different colours on to different sections of the wet material creates patterns.

Follow the easy guide below to create a fantastic tie dyed T-shirt.

You will need:

A white T-Shirt (100% cotton ones work best)

Old newspaper

Several different coloured dyes

Rubber Gloves

An assortment of rubber gloves

Warm Water

An old plastic bowl or bucket


• Lay your t-shirt out flat, then fold and tie it using the rubber bands, according to the pattern you want to achieve (see below for more details).

• Cover your work area with plenty of newspaper to prevent it from becoming stained.

• Put on your rubber gloves then prepare the dye according to instructions

• Soak your t-shirt in warm water

• Start Dyeing! It’s usually best to start with the lightest colour if using more than one colour. Follow all dyeing instructions when it comes to rinsing – some require you to rinse immediately, others require you to let it rest for 24 hours before rinsing.

How to create patterns


• Lay t-shirt out flat and then grab the centre – slowly lift it.

• Lift the t-shirt off the surface, gently gathering it together

• Wrap the first rubber band around the gathered shirt, directly below the part you held when you lifted it

• Now add several more bands about 1-2 inches apart (or as close, far apart as your like!)


• Lay your t-shirt out flat then grab the edges and crunch into a tight ball

• Wrap a large rubber band around the entire t-shirt bundle to hold it all in place.

• Wrap a second rubber band around the entire t-shirt, the opposite way (to form a cross in the centre)

• Continue wrapping bands around your t-shirt ball until there are no loose ends hanging out.

• Dye as required!

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