The last few weeks have been possibly the coldest on Earth right? Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – but they’ve been pretty close! If you’re the sort of person who is always leaving the house without their gloves because you’ve left them in your other coat, you might be interested in our latest ‘how to’ guide, which is going to tell you how to make your own mittens using products available in the Abakhan range.

A lot of gloves and mittens available in high street stores just don’t appeal to consumers. In most cases, shoppers go in looking for a new pair and leave with a product that they don’t really like purely because it’s too cold to go without! By making your own out of stylish fabric you can personalise your hand wear to match your tastes, something you can’t do when buying from the high street.

What You Need

• Fabric

• Needle and Thread/Sewing Machine

• Pins

• Marker Pen

• Paper and Tracing Paper

What to Do

1. Draw around your hand onto a piece of paper and then use the drawing to create a neat, tidy template on a second sheet. Ensure that the template is slightly bigger than your hand to ensure that you can get the mitten on – this will be the size of the final product.

2. Cut out the template and use it to make a second template from another piece.

3. Lay out your chosen fabric and place the two templates on top. Line up the bottom of the templates with the bottom of the material and pin them in place for extra stability while you work.

4. Cut the fabric 1-2cm around the outside of the template, giving you the material you need to sew the edges together afterwards.

5. Repeat the process so you have to left hands and two rights.

6. Sew both pairs of glove shapes together using a sewing machine or a very small backstitch. Use the paper template as a guide and then cut any excess material 1-2mm away from the stitching.

You should then have your own pair of mittens to keep your hands toasty on those cold winter days! To get all your materials, visit your local Abakhan store or contact us to find out more information about any of our products.