'Earth Day by Traci of 'My Handmadehappiness'

So Sunday the 22nd of April marked the 42nd anniversary Earth Day. What is Earth Day; well it's a day that people take a good look at their carbon foot print, and the way they live. It was established by Gaylord Nelson a Senator from Wisconsinin 1970. He wanted to make people more aware of the world around them, with water & air pollution and oils spills devastating our planet; he used the anti-war movement as his inspiration. If people could feel that way about war why, wouldn’t they feel that about our mother earth? It is of no surprise really that they took to it like a duck to water it was the flower power years! People then wanted to make a better future with less pollution, less war, and less WASTE. This is what I will be focusing on.

In the last few years we as a society have become dependent on the use of plastic bags, I for one am a culprit of "Yeah I need that bag" when asked in stores. I then would end up shoving the bag amongst the rest under the kitchen sink! I reckon the peoples that be, are now taking a good look at this, some charge for bags, this is a good deterrent and works to a degree; a few big shopping stores who are now recycling our carrier bags. There is a single use carrier bag bill which is now running too, people are taking a little responsibility for their carbon foot print. I for one am now a reformed single use carrier bag user! Being a home sewer there are so many free tutorials out there for market/grocery bags, they have exploded all over the internet and have great instructions and fab step by step photos ... There is one for whatever your style; here are a few I liked. The quick carrier , The re-usable grocery bag or the shopper, but if you fancy going all out, check this out one pattern with four options and for £2.03… That’s a price you can’t complain about!!

'Earth Day by Traci of 'My Handmadehappiness'

I myself wanted to do my bit for the Earth Day movement and made myself a new bag, the singlet, I used fabric from my stash and the pattern is a single use carrier bag, the pattern is easy to follow and I am happy with the way it turned out. It’s a sturdy number! So have I got your sewing fingers ready? Is your mojo flowing? If it is then go grab your pattern from the kitchen and search your stash, for this bag I used approximately 1.5 meters of fabric. If you don't have that in your stash then check this out, I think this would look great and right on trend animal print is so in at the minute or what about a Cath Kidston feel? I do love a bit of polka dot makes things seem that little bit vintage and pastels are another hit this season!

Another way of reducing waste and pollution is to use up your scraps to make a quilt; this is a good way to turn your thermostat down that degree or two! There are so many tutorials out there, and the internet is such an inspirational place, I found a few lovely free tutorials scrappy flora, Pieced Scrap Border Quilt, & Pieced Scrap Border Quilt. Or there is always this pattern at £2.83 . The fabric addict in me has to share a couple more fabric bundles!!! Loving the Bali Mini Wheel Purple it’s my fave colour & Fat Quarters Antique Archives Multi because every girl could do with a little vintage.

I hope you are all inspired… Happy sewing people and I hope you enjoyed my ramble!

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