Sewing can be one of those things that you’re either a whizz at, or something you’ll struggle with. Some people are able to pick up the needle and thread and start clicking away, finishing their creation in no time at all, while people at the other end of the spectrum are still pondering how to get started. Men are particularly difficult to buy anything for, which means sewing them something can be a great idea. Here are a few sewing pattern ideas that can help you create a great gift for the special man in your life.

Whilst women have a reputation as being tricky to buy for, men can actually be just as fussy. By sewing them something special, you can keep them in the loop and make sure that the sizes and colours are right. By doing it this way, you are able to ensure that the trousers reach the floor, (evenly), there is enough material in the body, and that the sleeves are the correct size. If you want to keep the gift a secret of course, you can try the clothes out on a friend or family member who is of a similar size.

Men’s pyjamas are particularly difficult to buy, usually because men resort to sleeping in their underwear or old clothes when they’re in bed. This means that you have no hints to go by in terms of their preferences for comfort and size. The first of our sewing pattern ideas is the ideal solution; giving you all the suggestions and directions you need to make a set of pyjamas and nightshirt for the man in your life. This means that you’re in a position to make something based around their exact measurements – or at least very close – rather than guessing. Also, you can make it according to their favourite colours, and won’t be restricted to what is on the hanger in stores.

Another useful sewing pattern for men is the boys and mens boxer shorts pattern. You can never have enough underwear. You can guarantee that over time you’ll lose underwear in the washing machine – nobody ever knows why – or a family member will claim them as their own. By making them, you’ll give the man in your life that little reason to think about you every time they get dressed in the morning.

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