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Job well done!

Today I purchased curtain material from your Preston Store. The gentleman that served me, deserves a mention for excellent customer service! Not only was he just about to take his break, he measured out exactly what I needed when I told him in inches and how many windows it was for. Also, he informed me of the weight, as I told him I was taking this material abroad in my suitcase. He was with me for at least 3/4 hour cutting, checking and advising me on my purchase.

I have been buying from Abakhan since I was 13 years old at the N.Wales store. This is the first time I have felt that an employee deserves a mention for good service. Not that I have never received it before, I have, but today that gentleman really went over and above to help me. Please let him know he is a valued member of your team! Yours sincerely, Mrs Jones