We’re approaching the period where many homeowners begin to think about their spring-cleaning and the improvements they’re going to make to the rooms in the homes. A lot of people begin their renovations by purchasing new furniture or cushions – which can be a very costly process; leaving no money to purchase new curtains meaning you have to live with the tatty drapes that have been up for years.

But worry not, there is a very easily solution if this sounds like a problem you’re facing. Improving your curtains is something that anybody with a little bit of embroidery experience can do, and here’s how.

The first thing you could do if you’re repairing a part of your worn out curtains is to cut away the affected material and find a new piece of fabric to replace it with. This can be in any style you wish, not necessarily the same colour or design as the rest of your curtains. Attaching the new piece on will inevitably leave a join line, but you could decorate this with another piece of fabric to act as an eye-catcher, or use accessories such as sequins to cover the join and add extra glam to your drapes.

If you’re just after a revamp to inject some new life into your curtains, try sewing on some ribbon or thin strips of fabric to create your own design reflecting your tastes and making your old curtains fit with the new style you may have given your room.

Alternatively you can spruce up your existing curtains by adding ribbons or thin strips of fabric to each curtain ring that attract the eye of people in the room when they’re drawn. The extra sparkle and style will make your ageing curtains look brand new and right up with the current trends.

Or you could go with the “hippy” look and try dyeing them – provided they’re made of 100% cotton of course! Similarly you could try adding iron or sew on patterns and designs that will look fantastic when you shut the world out at night.

For some great fabrics and a range of accessories to help transform your curtains, visit your local Abakhan branch or browse our website. Should you have any questions about our products, contact your nearest store.