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Baby Aran Yarn and Knitting Wool

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Aran is a medium weight Knitting Yarn which can be used for almost any project. Traditionally Aran is used for Cable Knits but is equally good for simpler designs. It is knitted on 5mm Needles.

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James C Brett Rustic Aran 400g

Thick Aran

A thicker Aran yarn than Hayfield. It needs more yarn than mentioned in Hayfield Aran patterns. Knits up cables beautifully - with a slightly felted appearance.

Italian Yarn Sumatra 50g

Excellent Wool

Beautiful wool. Easy to use

James C Brett Rustic Aran with Wool DAT28 Grey Multi 400g

Excellent Service

Staff very helpful and went the extra mile when I needed extra wool to finish the garment. They promised to ring me back which they did and the item was ordered and delivered in good time. Can't thank them enough.