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Double Knit (DK) Yarn is one of the most popular Knitting Yarns around, the versatility of the yarn lends it to almost any type of garment. It is a staple for avid knitters but also ideal for beginners. Double Knit Yarn is usually knitted on 4mm Needles.

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  1. 452148 - 010 Old Lace
  2. 449771 - 0141 Lime
  3. 281096 - 916 Emerald

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  4. West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious DK Garnet 594 100g
  5. Robin DK 0018 Poppy 100g
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  6. Robin DK 0042 Red 100g
    £1.90 per ball.

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King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK 100g

Subtle Sheen

Lovely to crochet with and a subtle sheen gives a pleasing effect.

Rico Creative Ricorumi DK 25g

Love It

This is gorgeous yarn in little cute balls. I bought a book and a few colours and will definitely be back for more