Sewing can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling hobby to participate in, but if you’re someone who hasn’t really been involved in any form of haberdashery before, you might be uncertain about what you’ll need to purchase. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with our range of sewing accessories.

Scissors. Needless to say, anyone looking to get involved in sewing will need a really good pair of scissors. From marking, measuring and obviously cutting, a good pair is almost a Swiss army knife when it comes to the world of sewing. We sell a variety of scissors at Abakhan, so take your pick!

Pins and Needless. Don’t worry – we’re not talking about that rather painful infliction that occurs when your foot goes to sleep! Needles and pins are essential for sewing, as they hold the fabric together whilst you sew – you won’t have enough fingers to do so yourself!

Machine Accessories. A sewing machine can be one of the most efficient ways of getting a job done quickly once you’re used to using one. However, as with any machine it requires some extra attention, and our range of accessories are ideal. Form oil to keep the wheels greased to a new bulb for those late-night sessions, we have everything you’ll need to keep your machine in top running order.

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