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Sewing Patterns For Men’s Clothes

Do you have a husband who is a little on the fussy side? Men are more clothes focused than they often like to admit, which can be spending more on their wardrobes than anyone who’s budget conscious should! Our sewing patterns will enable you to create great clothes for the men in your life, at a far lower price than simply buying them!

Trousers and shirts. These sewing patterns are a great investment, especially when you have a young son who’s always growing out of his clothes! Rather than having to invest money at the beginning of every school term, you can instead spend your time modifying and creating new clothes with existing materials. The far cheaper option!

Vests and Ties. There’s nothing a man enjoys more than dressing up to look his very best (well, apart from a good football match, obviously) which is why our sewing patterns for waistcoats and ties are a fine investment. With varying patterns and styles, you can ensure that the men in your life always look their best.

Dressing robe. If you’re looking for a great present to treat the men in your life, then why not use your sewing skills to create them the perfect robe for the chilly early mornings? With winter coming up, they’ll be grateful! In a variety of different colours, there is a pattern for everyone.

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Craft Essentials From Abakhan

If you know someone who’s a big enthusiast of haberdashery in all it’s forms, you might be interested to hear about the potential gifts that can be purchased for them through the Abakhan catalogue, whether they’re a knitter or a sewer.

If the only time you get to work on your sewing is when all the kids (and possibly the husband too!) have gone to bed, you’ll likely be grateful for the Maglamp. Complete with an energy saving bulb, it’s the ideal way to obtain the maximum visibility whilst you work.

Whilst sewing and knitting are both rewarding hobbies, there’s no denying that they can be fiddly. The hands-free magnifier that you can buy here is the ideal solution, offering you a more in-depth view of what your hands are doing, making those complicated patterns a breeze.

The Stitchmaster Seat Stand is the ideal investment for anyone that wants an easy way to support their work, with the mobility and quality that comes from genuine craftsmanship. Enabling you to work from a variety of different angles, it’s a great investment.

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Create your own Valentines Day Gifts

When it comes to Valentines Day, choosing the right gift can be particularly tricky. You need to show your partner how you feel about them – without spending less than they do on you – and also reflecting how they feel about you. For instance, if you turn up with a bouquet of garage forecourt flowers, and they buy you an expensive, personalised watch, you could find yourself single by the 15th February. For that reason, we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you make your Valentines gift at home.

Creating something from scratch allows you to put your heart and soul into the gift, with the recipient immediately aware of the effort you’ve gone to in order to make them the perfect present.

Going shopping for the perfect gift can be a chaotic process. You finally find yourself a couple of hours to hit the high street, (normally the day before), and after what seems like a week of window-shopping, you’re still uninspired. Unless you’re born with that unique trait of knowing exactly what to get your loved one, (please share it with me), making your own can be the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, you can show your loved one how you feel by making them something unique that you’ve poured your heart into, and there are several other advantages to making your gift. For instance, nobody knows your partner like you do. If you pop to the shops for a gift, it’s inevitable for the item you want to be unavailable in their favourite colour or size. By creating your own gift, you have the opportunity to make it according to the tastes of your partner, making it extra special for them.

It can also be a way of saving money, without it looking particularly inexpensive. Using materials bought from the Abakhan store, you can get everything you need for the perfect gift, such as wool, card, sewing patterns and accessories, without having to pay the over-the-top high street prices.

Still struggling for ideas? Well don’t tell your partner, but here’s a couple from us. Firstly, you could try making them some jewellery. If you’ve made it yourself, it’s certain to be unique, using the materials and colours they love, and you could customize it if you wish to let them know it’s from you, or include your Valentines message. Another option is to make them something for the home. If your partner is always talking about their love for throws or cushions in the living room, make them one to fit the décor of your home. Or if your partner loves to cook, you could make them something for the kitchen; They’ll need something to wear as they make the dinner! (Only joking!)

For all your essential accessories to make the perfect Valentines gift, including those mentioned here and anything you may already have in mind, visit or contact your local Abakhan store, or place an order online.

Sewing Pattern Ideas for Men

Sewing can be one of those things that you’re either a whizz at, or something you’ll struggle with. Some people are able to pick up the needle and thread and start clicking away, finishing their creation in no time at all, while people at the other end of the spectrum are still pondering how to get started. Men are particularly difficult to buy anything for, which means sewing them something can be a great idea. Here are a few sewing pattern ideas that can help you create a great gift for the special man in your life.

Whilst women have a reputation as being tricky to buy for, men can actually be just as fussy. By sewing them something special, you can keep them in the loop and make sure that the sizes and colours are right. By doing it this way, you are able to ensure that the trousers reach the floor, (evenly), there is enough material in the body, and that the sleeves are the correct size. If you want to keep the gift a secret of course, you can try the clothes out on a friend or family member who is of a similar size.

Men’s pyjamas are particularly difficult to buy, usually because men resort to sleeping in their underwear or old clothes when they’re in bed. This means that you have no hints to go by in terms of their preferences for comfort and size. The first of our sewing pattern ideas is the ideal solution; giving you all the suggestions and directions you need to make a set of pyjamas and nightshirt for the man in your life. This means that you’re in a position to make something based around their exact measurements – or at least very close – rather than guessing. Also, you can make it according to their favourite colours, and won’t be restricted to what is on the hanger in stores.

Another useful sewing pattern for men is the boys and mens boxer shorts pattern. You can never have enough underwear. You can guarantee that over time you’ll lose underwear in the washing machine – nobody ever knows why – or a family member will claim them as their own. By making them, you’ll give the man in your life that little reason to think about you every time they get dressed in the morning.

For more sewing pattern ideas for men, visit our product page. Alternatively, you can contact your local branch – which you can find by clicking on the stores link – or give us a call on 01745 562133.

Charity Shop: Sewing With A Difference

One of the hallmarks of most town centres is that there will be at least one street on which the charity shops are based – usually four or five of them in a row. However, one particular shop is setting themselves apart – and is using the magic of haberdashery to do so!

The Birdcage in Skipton has been the focus of an article in the Yorkshire Post, and it’s easy to see why. As well as the usual bric-a-brac you’d expect to see in any charity shop, there are also a variety of sewing machines, knitting wool, a dress-maker’s dummy and many other knitting and sewing accessories.

Behind Closed Doors, the Leeds Charity who are responsible for the birdcage, are keen to point out that the difference between their project and other charity shops is entirely intentional. Louise Tyne, Behind Closed Door’s manager said that:

We don’t want to be just any other charity shop on the high street. It’s about harnessing the creative skills in the local community and giving people an opportunity to express themselves creatively; and also to share their skills and their experiences.’

‘As an organisation we recognise the need to be sustainable and to generate income but we wanted to do it in such a way that the actual enterprise itself had a purpose so it’s not a typical charity shop.’

The aim of the community enterprise is to raise funds for those who have suffered from domestic violence.

Needless to say, we here at Abakhan applaud using such a wonderful hobby for such a great cause. Good on them!

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